Monday, 3 June 2013

sleep deprivation and sewing

I believe that my son studied torture techniques prior to his birth.  He was a champ of a little sleeper as a new born.  I was one of those self-righteous mothers who reports smugly to others, "Oh he is almost sleeping through the night."  I got close six hours in a row before he was a month old.  This was clearly a tactic to lull me into a false sense of comfort. We have had multiple nights recently where he decides to wake up as soon as my head hits the pillow.  I understand why some moms get hospitalized for exhaustion now.  Needless to say my mental clarity and motivation have taken a bit of a hit.  I went to sewing class on Sunday with zero blocks constructed.  I walked out four hours later with four blocks constructed.  Math has never been easy on me and I know that the current haze does not make it easier but I am pretty sure that works out to an hour a block.  I have 21 more of those bad boys that should be done before next Sunday.  I mean, we will just have to see how that works out.

I did get a couple of new fabric collages done.  They are posted to the shop.  I can't stop thinking about Finding Nemo when I look at them.  It is fitting though because I firmly believe that I do need to "just keep swimming."

We also got our family photos back.  I will leave you with this gem.  It is what makes me so ok with getting up a thousand times a night.