Saturday, 15 June 2013

Teething, Tears and Piecing a Quilt Top

The Bubbs has transformed.  I would like to talk about how it is in such a good way.  How he is trying to crawl but ends up face planting, how he is laughing at sneezes, and how he kicks away like a crazy man in the bath tub.  Instead I will talk about how he transformed into this screaming, inconsolable terror.  Not constantly, but enough for me to want to pull my hair out.  Like all first time moms, I thought, maybe growth spurt.  Then he started pulling the ears.  I was relieved.  RELIEVED! All I could think was if it is an ear infection, I'm pretty sure they give you something to fix that, to make the insanity stop.  To the doctor's we went.  Ears are amazingly clean and uninfected.  This is the part where the tears come in.  Who wants their baby to have an ear infection?  This lady.  Instead I was told by the doctor that it is teething and that it will probably still be weeks before there is any kind of actual tooth.  WEEKS!  I think that tears were warranted.  Teething seems like the worst thing ever and now I feel like it is going to go on forever.  We are living on Tylenol and hope here.

I am still loving the quilting time.  It is a really nice break.  I am a little bit behind where I am supposed to be for class tomorrow but here is a glimpse of the progress.

It is wrinkly and still taped but I am starting to love it.  It will be basted tomorrow and then I have to figure out if I am going to do any hand quilting.  Eventually I am also going to have to decide if it goes on etsy or on my couch.

Speaking of etsy.... I had some sales this week, including a custom collage that I am working on for a nursery.  I love the thought of something that I make making space pretty for someones new little person.  Hopefully the collage gives that mom something she loves to look at when her baby is screaming in the middle of the night getting his little teeth.