Saturday, 10 August 2013

And it feels amazing!

This post is going to be a bit picture heavy.  I feel like a proud parent, but not of my child this time.  I mean, I'm still proud of him, however, right now the pride is directed at 54 square inches of patched together fabric.

It is just so pretty!  I love how all of the contrast worked out together.  I did pretty minimal quilting on it staying in the seams between all of the individual blocks and again around the yellow squares in the middle.  The thin cotton batting is going to continue to wash up to get more crinkled and delicious.

I think that my favorite part might be the binding.
I love striped fabric and how it becomes little dashes when used for binding.  This fabric is from Denyse Schmidt's Shelburne Falls line and is just lovely.  I attached the binding from the front of the quilt by machine and hand stitched the back to ensure a seamless look.

And here is the whole of the quilt, you know, casually draped over our balcony.

I've posted this to Etsy and the listing can be viewed here.

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