Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I have a sewing space!

And it is not set up on a tv tray anymore!  I found this desk on kijiji and promptly sent the husband to go pick it up.

It is perfect for our little space.  The drawers are amazing and I finally feel like my fabric is organized.

Except there is clearly not enough space in the desk for enough fabric so I also have this.

My only complaint about the desk is that it is pretty scratched and ugly.  I am planning to paint it and maybe do fabric fronts on the drawer, like so.

But different, because it is a desk, not a dresser.

Any input on colors?  Maybe navy and crazy prints?  Paint the shelves to coordinate?  How about the chair I am currently using with a casually draped quilt top?

Thanks for taking a look at all the pics!  As always please feel free to check out my site on etsy here.

And check back within the next week or so for some news about an upcoming sale :)