Monday, 29 July 2013

I Finished Something!

So I had signed up for another class with Needlework, even though the dreaded log cabin is still in progress.  I have been wanting to begin sewing off of commercial patterns for awhile and this cute little wallet fit the bill....haha, get it?  The bill...Listen this is as funny as I get when the Bubbs was up every hour and a half just to make sure everyone still exists.

Anyways, the wallet.  The class was surprisingly tricky.  All the little details were definitely time consuming but I do love how it turned out.  I am keeping this bad boy as I'm too in love with the fabric to part with it but how about some thoughts on whether or not some more should be sewn up to hit the Etsy shelves?

It has space for at least eight cards, a zippered pouch and two larger pockets for cash or check book.  I think that when I make more I will be using a sewn in button which wouldn't be visible from the exterior and I won't have to use a giant mallet.  We can all agree that I should not be given access to large objects used to hit things.  It's best if I stick with needle and thread.